K.L., Tilburg, the Netherlands

In June 2021 during the extreme heat wave in British Columbia (Canada), our brother, who was single, died.

It was in the middle of the Covid-19 crisis, which made it impossible to travel urgently from the Netherlands to Canada.

After some time searching through the internet and telephone contact, we were referred to Waterstone Law Group by various agencies because of their reliable name. We ended up at W.L.G in Chiliwack. I asked them what they could do for our family. After some legal obligations I came into contact with lawyer mr. Ed Kaye and through him with Kathleen Wiens, paralegal. They found the situation very understandable and they went to help us.

Nothing was too much for them. From looking for a will, to mapping out my brother’s entire financial situation.

Their primary concern, especially Kathleen’s, was to dignifyly arrange our brother’s cremation. The later scattering of our brother’s ashes was carried out by Kathleen in collaboration with her friend Willie in a very dignified and devout way in a location that had been special to our brother.

After that, almost everything is mainly organized and arranged by Kathleen, from clearing the house, selling the house to all banking, investment and mandatory tax returns. Actually, W.L.G. did everything, and everything that had to be done that the family normally should and can do themselves was carried out by them in a professional manner.

In the correspondence (more than 150 by email and vice versa) all our questions and recommendations were answered quickly and perfectly.

All in all, as a family, we are very happy that Waterstone Law Group, Chilliwack, especially Mr. Ed Kaye and especially Kathleen, have been extremely good and courteous to us.

Everything was brought to a successful conclusion in a nice, warm and, above all, legal way. Thank you very much for that.