K.G., Chilliwack

I was involved in a very severe fall in a local department store that has left me with permanent damage to my upper back. The fall was severe enough on its own, but when I was approached by the insurance reps for this store I was quickly made aware that having the service of the lawyer was going to be important.

My search brought me to Waterstone Law Group here in Chilliwack Upon review of my situation I was informed that yes a lawyer would need to be involved. I was then put in touch with Kim Ashley.

Her approach to my situation put me at ease right away. I found her to be kind and compassionate with her dealings with me. During the four years working with her she extended great patience with my constant questions and tears. She never discredited the fact that I had pain and that it was affecting my life in many ways. She was always concerned that I first was able to get the attention I needed medically and that I would be compensated for financial and physical hardships that I endured and continue to live with. Her concern for my future expenses and discomfort was always part of her quest to find compensation for me. She worked hard to get all information she could to try and settle before any time was taken in the court system.

I’ll never forget the day that we settled my claim with the department store lawyers. I felt that Kim was truly concerned and wanted to see this part of the process to end for me but with a reasonable amount of financial compensation. She was ready with tissues and a hug when the tears flowed and my heart just wanted my back to be normal again. I appreciate her kindness to me.

Her assistant Fiona Janzen provided a very valuable liaison between Kim and myself. Her efficiency in processing the paper work, emails and financial documents was great. Her skills in communication made the process brought much ease to the situation.

Kim Ashley is a lawyer with a heart and a kind smile. She helped ease my burden. I have a huge amount of respect for her.

Like everyone I don’t ever want to get into a position where I need the services of a lawyer again, but should that time be presented to me I will indeed contact Kim.