E.M., Chilliwack

Back in June 1998 I was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident that to this day reminds me of a bad dream. But this motor vehicle accident was nothing compared to the nightmare I faced dealing with ICBC. At first the ICBC representatives were great to deal with but this rapidly changed to them being increasingly difficult and pushing hard to settle the claim.

Making little headway on my own I decided to seek legal counsel. After interviewing a number of law firms I finally decided to retain the services of The Waterstone Group of lawyers. My legal representative was Mr. Dave Sliman who not only dealt with the many legal road blocks ICBC lawyers attempted to throw up, but more importantly to me was that he worked with me. It was important to me that I be involved with the entire process, given options and be part of any decisions that needed to be made. Dave ensured that these things happened, and even when we differed on how to approach certain things he was very patient and we worked through those differences.

My experience with Mr. Sliman and the Waterstone Group was very positive and I would have no problem recommending them should you need a personal injury lawyer.