D.S. & E.S., Chilliwack

We wanted to write this review about David Sliman because it is well-deserved. He’s a straight-to-the-point, experienced professional. From our very first consultation until the final process of the ICBC settlement, he has thoroughly explained every step of the way, and we were well-informed by his extensive knowledge in Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries.

After being involved in 2 motor vehicle accidents, sustaining injuries that impacted our lives, we had very limited knowledge of how to effectively deal with ICBC. We came to see David Sliman and his guidance, knowledge and support gave us the confidence to effectively deal with the situation. Having this support allowed us to get access to various therapies and doctors to help with the physical, and emotional well-being. The staff in the office were exceptional as well. They were excellent at communicating with us, and responding to our inquiries. We were VERY encouraged by how well the case was presented to ICBC, very well-documented and researched. This significantly impacted the final settlement.

We strongly believe that David and his legal staff thoroughly prepared everything with great detail to represent our case. Without his extensive knowledge, guidance, and professionalism we would not have had such a positive outcome to our settlement. His hard work and dedication to our case did shine through, especially at settlement. After working with David, we believe he is the type of professional that genuinely cares about each and every individual case (we are the third family in our extended family being represented by David), putting in time and effort to represent his clients effectively. He is the type of professional that invests his time to answer questions and also helps people to move forward by empowering them with knowledge about their case.

It is because of his (and his legal staff) hard work and dedication, we were able to get closure and make huge emotional improvement, as we moved forward in our life. We are confident that David’s many years of experience can help individuals who are seeking legal counsel in dealing with injuries that they sustain in motor vehicle accidents.