Read what some of our clients have to say.

You and your team fought for me when I couldn’t, and when I wanted to give up, you didn’t.  You made me feel like I mattered, I was important to you. I was never scared of the outcome, because of your calm that faced me every day of the trial. I never felt alone. I am forever grateful.

- S.F., Langley   |  Read more about Shelley J. Henshaw

We had a wonderful experience with Waterstone Law Group. Shelley Henshaw and the rest of our team and the office staff were accommodating and considerate during what was an extremely stressful time for us. They were a much needed buffer between us and ICBC, and the settlement that they won for us has greatly reduced the financial burden that was imposed on us because of another driver’s error. Given the issues, it was a lengthy time between the accident and getting to trial, but Shelley and the Waterstone team were with us all the way. We highly recommend them.

- B.W., Langley   |  Read more about Shelley J. Henshaw

Back in June 1998 I was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident that to this day reminds me of a bad dream. But this motor vehicle accident was nothing compared to the nightmare I faced dealing with ICBC. At first the ICBC representatives were great to deal with but this rapidly changed to them being increasingly difficult and pushing hard to settle the claim.

Making little headway on my own I decided to seek legal counsel. After interviewing a number of law firms I finally decided to retain the services of The Waterstone Group of lawyers. My legal representative was Mr. Dave Sliman who not only dealt with the many legal road blocks ICBC lawyers attempted to throw up, but more importantly to me was that he worked with me. It was important to me that I be involved with the entire process, given options and be part of any decisions that needed to be made. Dave ensured that these things happened, and even when we differed on how to approach certain things he was very patient and we worked through those differences.

My experience with Mr. Sliman and the Waterstone Group was very positive and I would have no problem recommending them should you need a personal injury lawyer.

- E.M., Chilliwack   |  Read more about David C. Sliman

Our daughter was seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident six years ago.

We had never been through anything like this before. Caring for our daughter during her recovery was our main focus, but we knew that we also had a responsibility to ensure that her rights were protected and that she was treated fairly by the insurance company.

Upon a neighbor’s recommendation, we called Dave Sliman. Dave was so approachable and we felt an immediate sense of relief knowing that he would take care of our daughter’s interests and deal with the insurance company, something that we knew nothing about, allowing us to focus on our daughter’s recovery.

Dave and his team shepherded us through the legal process with compassion and kindness to both our daughter and our family. They helped to ensure that our daughter received fair compensation from the insurance company.

We are so glad we chose to retain the services of Dave and his team to act on our daughter’s behalf and we would absolutely recommend Dave Sliman and the Waterstone Law Group to anyone.

- J.W., Chilliwack   |  Read more about David C. Sliman

I was seriously injured in a car accident 6 years ago. My family was given the name of David Sliman and we were so glad we chose to have him represent us during this hard time. I found Dave and his team were so compassionate that I never worried that my case was in the wrong hands. They allowed me to make my recovery my number one priority and made sure that we were always in the loop as to what was happening with my case.

In the end, I never dreamed that I would receive the outcome that I did. It was better than I could have ever hoped for. I was completely confident in all the advice that was given to me and always felt like my case was in good hands. Dave’s team was so friendly and helpful that I always felt like I was important and I never once questioned my decision. I would recommend Waterstone Law Group to anyone and am forever grateful for the compassion that Dave and his team constantly showed to me and my family.

- A.W., Chilliwack   |  Read more about David C. Sliman

I have had the pleasure of Waterstone Law Group representing me in various situations over the years. I would not have wanted to “take on” ICBC without David Sliman. Kim Briscoe was not only professional but compassionate when dealing with my family law issues. Life has its twists and turns, and I am confident knowing that when I need legal advice, Waterstone Law Group is there to  help.

- S.Z., Chilliwack   |  Read more about David C. Sliman W. Kim Briscoe

In 2003 I was in a serious motor vehicle accident. As I faced ongoing injuries and ICBC, Dave Sliman and his team at Waterstone Law Group came alongside and protected my rights, accomplishing more than I ever thought was possible.

Dave was an advocate on my behalf. The court room was a difficult place for me, but Dave was very patient and his team helped me through it as though they were family. Dave’s legal advice always brought with it compassion, honesty and integrity; I don’t know what I would have done without Waterstone Law Group and Mr. Dave Sliman.

I highly recommend Dave Sliman to anyone who needs a personal injury lawyer.

- K.N., Chilliwack   |  Read more about David C. Sliman

Our family had previously faced an unpleasant experience with ICBC, so when I was injured in a collision a few years ago, I contacted David right away. I was in a terrible mental state, and David was able to get me in to see the appropriate Doctor in mere days, rather than the usual months it takes to get in. As a result of his quick action and his ongoing concern for my health, I can tell you unreservedly that he helped save my sanity, my marriage and quite possibly my life.

Throughout the process, David never made unrealistic promises and he always had time for me. In fact, he still checks up on me even though my case was resolved quite some time ago.

The fact that David successfully negotiated a fair and reasonable settlement for me pales in comparison to the personal attention and genuine compassion I felt every time I visited him and his offices.

- C.B., Chilliwack   |  Read more about David C. Sliman

Just a quick note to express our appreciation on the work that Clint Harcourt and his assistant, Jacquie Davelaar, did on settling our brother’s estate.  The speed at which they were able to complete this task made it much easier for ourselves and our family.

- E&W R., Port Moody   |  Read more about Clint S. Harcourt

I first came into contact with Ed Kaye nearly 15 years ago when he was working on the other side of a transaction that I was involved with.  I was so impressed with Ed and his handling of the matter that I promptly moved all of my work over to him, and Ed has been my personal and corporate lawyer ever since.  Despite the geographical distance between my residence in the Okanagan and Ed’s office in Chilliwack, I prefer the certainty working with Ed and the lengthy commute that may occasionally require over taking my chances with another lawyer.

I appreciate the lengths that Ed has gone to in order to thoroughly understand both my business and its industry.  He is always well prepared, organized and informed, to the point that I now insist that he prepare the documentation for any transactions we might be involved in.  With Ed at the helm I am comfortable knowing that everything will be prepared promptly, correctly and that the corresponding fees will be reasonable and fair.

Over the years I have had opportunity to work with many of the lawyers at Waterstone Law Group, including David Sliman, Lawrence Smith and Bruce Davies.  I have always found the team at Waterstone to be professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to interact with.

I have no reservation in recommending the services of Ed Kaye and the team at Waterstone Law Group LLP.

- J.B., Vernon   |  Read more about Edward K. Kaye

I contacted you a few months ago about drafting a Representation Agreement for my brother-in-law.  I greatly appreciate the fact that you were able to meet his needs so expeditiously.  Thankfully, he survived the operation for his brain tumor mentally intact and has had the advantage of going through the last stages of his life knowing that his wife is in a position that she will be able to make decisions for him.  Again, thank you for dealing with that issue so quickly.

- D.F., Victoria   |  Read more about Clint S. Harcourt

Haiti’s earthquake of January 12, 2010 changed millions of lives everywhere around the world but nowhere more profoundly than those living in Port-Au-Prince. Dug out of the rubble was one nine-year-old little blind boy who could only imagine the devastation from the words told to him by his mother, the sounds of moaning neighbors and strangers in the streets, and the increasing stench of death as each day went by.

A local charitable organization in Chilliwack agreed to bring young Seby to Canada to provide him with the education he desperately needed but could no longer access at home. He came into my care because of my involvement with the organization and because of the special bond that he and I had built during previous visits for medical assessments.

Among the many challenges, the most important obstacle to overcome was getting Seby registered in school. Someone needed to have custody and guardianship in order for the school district to allow him to be enrolled. I knew that I needed a lawyer, but I didn’t know where to turn.

A co-worker had spoke very highly of Dave Sliman and recommended I go see him, telling me that he would be honest and if he could assist he would. I made my appointment and proceeded to explain what was required. Dave explained that he would like another lawyer at the firm to work with us, as that lawyer would be able to attend to it immediately.  I met with Daniel Sorensen and was impressed right away. I felt comforted he would get the job done.

This story does have a happy ending. My kind, loving, little blind child from Haiti is now in a safe, loving, learning environment because of the team at Waterstone. Not only did the professionals at Waterstone come to my rescue, they made what seemed like a very impossible situation seems effortless, and they generously provided their services to me free of charge.

The words “Thank You” don’t even begin to express my gratitude.

- G.R., Chilliwack   |  Read more about David C. Sliman

I am writing this letter to thank Waterstone Law Group, namely David Sliman and Stella Gowans, for helping me with my ICBC claim.

The accident occurred in Nov. of 2006 and because there was not a lot of damage to my vehicle ICBC was not supportive so David had a lot of hard work ahead of him. David and Stella did all they could to prove my injuries were real and were always there for me whenever I had questions. David let me know where I stood as far as the proceedings went. Any time I phoned Stella promptly returned my calls and David fought for my case. Anyone I have met at their office treated me very courteously.

In summary David and Stella made me feel like they were looking after my interests and I would not hesitate to call them if I ever need a lawyer again.

- D.W., Chilliwack   |  Read more about David C. Sliman

We want to express our deep and sincere appreciation for all the hard work that was performed by Ms. Shelley Henshaw and the staff of Waterstone Law Group.

From the moment we entered their office we were greeted in a highly proficient and gracious manner. Shelley took time to listen and understand us. She brought clarity to us as she explained the process.

We are grateful to Waterstone Law for all they did to help us in our dealings with ICBC.  We would not hesitate to encourage others to seek their advice, guidance and assistance.

- R. & J. G., Burnaby   |  Read more about Shelley J. Henshaw

Originally recommended by my Grandmother, I took her advice to see Shelley and Rhonda In 2002 after I was involved in a life altering MVA accident.

While the next 5 years of my life were flipped upside down; and each day I was dealing with unknown possibilities with my health.  Shelley was in my corner to fight with me every step of the way.

Shelley took on ICBC and a Major Extended Health Care Provider’s head Legal Team – and won them all in my favor.

I am so pleased with the work done by Shelley and her team at Waterstone Law, and now consider them an extended family.

When an ICBC head lawyer, and a Major Insurance Company’s lawyer both tell you that  “You have a good lawyer ” – you know she’s good!

- A.S., Langley   |  Read more about Shelley J. Henshaw

I’ve never felt so “heard”, understood and represented before.

- J.C., Alberta

I was involved in a very severe fall in a local department store that has left me with permanent damage to my upper back. The fall was severe enough on its own, but when I was approached by the insurance reps for this store I was quickly made aware that having the service of the lawyer was going to be important.

My search brought me to Waterstone Law Group here in Chilliwack.  Upon review of my situation I was informed that yes a lawyer would need to be involved.  I was then put in touch with Kim Briscoe.

Her approach to my situation put me at ease right away.  I found her to be kind and compassionate with her dealings with me.   During the four years working with her she extended great patience with my constant questions and tears.  She never discredited the fact that I had pain and that it was affecting my life in many ways.  She was always concerned that I first was able to get the attention I needed medically and that I would be compensated for financial and physical hardships that I endured and continue to live with.  Her concern for my future expenses and discomfort was always part of her quest to find compensation for me.  She worked hard to get all information she could to try and settle before any time was taken in the court system.

I’ll never forget the day that we settled my claim with the department store lawyers.  I felt that Kim was truly concerned and wanted to see this part of the process to end for me but with a reasonable amount of financial compensation.  She was ready with tissues and a hug when the tears flowed and my heart just wanted my back to be normal again.  I appreciate her kindness to me.

Her assistant Fiona Janzen provided a very valuable liaison between Kim and myself.  Her efficiency in processing the paper work, emails and financial documents was great.   Her skills in communication made the process brought much ease to the situation.

Kim Briscoe is a lawyer with a heart and a kind smile.  She helped ease my burden.  I have a huge amount of respect for her.

Like everyone I don’t ever want to get into a position where I need the services of a lawyer again, but should that time be presented to me I will indeed contact Kim.

- K.G., Chilliwack   |  Read more about W. Kim Briscoe

I initially met Ed Kaye when my wife and I were assisting my Mother-In-Law with her affairs in Chilliwack.  My Mother-In-Law spoke highly of Ed Kaye and when I sat in on a couple of meetings, I was impressed with how he was able to relate with a senior in her early 90’s.  I found him personable, professional, and knowledgeable.

When my Mother-In-Law passed away, I was deemed the Executor of her Estate.  Rather than use a lawyer in my home city of Prince George, I chose to continue to use Ed Kaye in Chilliwack despite the geographical distance.  I have never regretted this decision.  Throughout, both he and his Team (special thank you to Kathleen Wiens), have been extremely helpful, especially with this being my first experience as an Executor.

I would like to express my gratitude to Ed Kaye and his Team and would highly recommend them to others.


- J.L., Prince George, BC   |  Read more about Edward K. Kaye

I was injured in a car accident in 2010. A year later I met with Dave Sliman, as my injuries were not healing and I was feeling pressure from ICBC. While the litigation process was long, and ended up in court, I felt that Dave and his team did everything they could to support me and to prepare me step-by-step, with as little stress as possible. Dave promptly answered my questions patiently and with knowledge, and worked hard to secure a fair outcome.  I would not hesitate in recommending Dave and his team.


- M.W., Chilliwack   |  Read more about David C. Sliman

Lawyer Ed Kaye and Paralegal Kathleen Wiens were so helpful in settling our legal issues and guided us through what could have been an overwhelming experience but really wasn’t!! Emails and phone calls were responded to in a timely manner (even on weekends!) and my sisters and I felt like we were in good hands!! Very professional and trustworthy, for sure. I would recommend Waterstone Law Group (in particular, Ed and Kathleen), to anyone in need of legal help!

- J.G., Grande Prairie, AB   |  Read more about Edward K. Kaye

I had never been in an injury accident before. It was unfamiliar territory for me. But as soon as I sat down with Shelley, she put me right at ease. I felt confident she was there to do all she could for me.

Through the entire process of my claim, I experienced the utmost in courtesy and professionalism, along with a very comfortable and down to earth atmosphere in all of my dealings with Shelley and her team. They were always on top of things. They worked very hard in finding the best options for my prognosis and recovery.

I’m extremely impressed and pleased with the way things turned out for me.  Thank you Shelley Henshaw and team!!

- J.S., Langley   |  Read more about Shelley J. Henshaw

We wanted to write this review about David Sliman because it is well-deserved. He’s a straight-to-the-point, experienced professional.  From our very first consultation until the final process of the ICBC settlement, he has thoroughly explained every step of the way, and we were well-informed by his extensive knowledge in Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries. After being involved in 2 motor vehicle accidents, sustaining injuries that impacted our lives, we  had very limited knowledge of how to effectively deal with ICBC. We came to see David Sliman and his guidance, knowledge and  support gave us the confidence to effectively deal with the situation. Having this support allowed us to get access to various therapies and doctors to help with the physical, and emotional well-being. The staff in the office were exceptional as well. They were excellent at communicating with us, and responding to our inquiries. We were VERY encouraged by how well the case was presented to ICBC, very well-documented and researched. This significantly impacted the final settlement. We strongly believe that David and his legal staff thoroughly prepared everything with great detail to represent our case. Without his extensive knowledge, guidance, and professionalism we would not have had such a positive outcome to our settlement. His hard work and dedication to our case did shine through, especially at settlement. After working with David, we believe he is the type of professional that genuinely cares about each and every individual case (we are the third family in our extended family being represented by David), putting in time and effort to represent his clients effectively. He is the type of professional that invests his time to answer questions and also helps people to move forward by empowering them with knowledge about their case.  It is because of his (and his legal staff) hard work and dedication, we were able to get closure and make huge emotional improvement, as we moved forward in our life. We are confident that David’s many years of experience can help individuals who are seeking legal counsel in dealing with injuries that they sustain in motor vehicle accidents.

- D.S. & E.S., Chilliwack   |  Read more about David C. Sliman

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