Christmas and Holiday Season Parenting Time

Published by Michelle Sagert

Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash

The holiday season is a special time with children and family where quality time is important and memories are made.  The Courts recognize this special time of year and will allow parents to depart from any typical or set parenting schedule to ensure that both parents have time with the children over the holidays.

Holiday parenting schedules can include breaking up regularly scheduled parenting time to permit the children to see both parents on particular holidays such as Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.   For example, if you have a week on/week off parenting schedule and your week off falls over Christmas, you may be able to break up the other parents week to ensure you see your children over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

If you cannot agree to a holiday parenting schedule you may need to bring a court application to have a court determine what an appropriate schedule would be.

Additionally, if the other parent has denied you the opportunity to see the children over the holiday seasons in the past then you may be eligible to receive compensatory parenting time.  This is extra time with the children to make up for time that was improperly denied or withheld.

It is important that you bring any application for holiday parenting time long before the holiday season to allow for ample time to have it heard by a judge prior to the holiday court closure.

If you are concerned about your parenting time with your children for the 2023 holiday season, contact Michelle Sagert as soon as possible to discuss your options.