Savina Sohi Obtains Rare Lump Sum Child Support Order

Published by Waterstone Law Group

Although lump sum child support orders are rare, they are not unheard of for Savina Sohi, lawyer at Waterstone Law Group!

Child support is generally paid by a payor in monthly payments. Lump sum awards are only made where there is a special need or some specific circumstance which render it appropriate.

Savina successfully obtained a lump sum child support award in favor of her client in excess of $181,000.00.

Some of the existing circumstances in this case included the fact that prior child support orders existed but the payor did not comply with the same, the payor had little involvement in the lives of the children and the payor displayed a history of family violence.

For further details, see Ma v. Chen, 2021 BCSC 2741, paras [152] to [157].