Family Law

The end of a marriage or common-law relationship is a stressful time. Concerns about the children and their well being are overwhelming.

Assets such as the family house, bank accounts, investments and pensions need to be divided and any debts need to be addressed. Emotions are running high, making every decision that much more challenging.

We understand the sensitive nature of family disputes and how emotional they can be. Our compassionate lawyers are experienced in negotiating and resolving matters such as child custody, guardianship and access, child support, spousal maintenance, division of family assets, divorce and variation applications. They will ensure that you know your specific rights and obligations, and will work with you to reach a timely resolution of all family matters, whether by way of Separation Agreement, court application or a trial.

In addition to assisting with matters pertaining to the breakdown of a family unit, our Family Law team is also available to assist with adoption applications and the preparation of agreements in anticipation of marriage or cohabitation.

Our Family Law Group writes the BC Family Lawyer Blog, which discusses family law issues, dispels related myths and common misconceptions, and provides a better understanding of the processes and laws relating to the expansion or breakdown of a family unit.

Our Family Law Practice Group